Nano Dimension and Hensoldt form jointvVenture

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Electronic production | July 15, 2021

Additive manufacturing electronics specialist Nano Dimension has formed a partnership with defense and security electronics supplier HENSOLDT AG. The recently formed joint venture is called JAMES GmbH (Jetted Additively Manufactures Electronics Sources, or JAMES).

Nano Dimension is a manufacturer of intelligent machines that 3D print additive manufacturing electronics. HENSOLDT has been using Nano Dimension’s DragonFly PRO and LDM 3D-AME printer technology since 2018, to manufacture many ‘first of’ models, such as 3D Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) / AME 3D Hi-PED (High- Performance-Electronic- Devices). HENSOLDT and Nano Dimension have worked together to extend the capabilities of 3D Hi-PED AMEs. By formalizing their cooperation and co-investing around $ 6 million in the new joint venture entity, JAMES, HENSOLDT reinforces its commitment to develop the most advanced technology in 3D printing. The joint venture is led by HENSOLDT Ventures, an independent unit within HENSOLDT, which implements and markets new technologies and new business models for the HENSOLDT Group. JAMES, based in Taufkirchen, Germany, will combine the strengths of the two companies and advance the development of 3D printed electronic components. The main goal of JAMES is the development of a community of electronics designers who will exchange designs and methodologies for manufacturing, integrating components and materials for printed electronics (PE) and additive manufacturing electronics. (SOUL). By connecting the complete value chain of all designers and users of designs across corporate and geographic boundaries, JAMES will enable members of its community to develop, prototype, market and market AME and PE designs, proof of concepts and products. Beyond its “cloud presence”, JAMES will house an operational manufacturing lab that will be used for experimentation and support of the designs and technologies of the JAMES community. “HENSOLDT, as a market leader in sensor technology and optronics, expects the closer cooperation with Nano Dimension to speed up development cycles as well as the production of spare parts for meet customer needs faster and at lower cost. By using special dielectric and conductive nanoparticle inks, it is now possible to design electrical components directly through the printer and transform them into three-dimensional form, ”says Marian Rachow, Head of HENSOLDT Ventures, who will serve on the Board of Directors. by JAMES in a press release.

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