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ELKINS – Elkins City Council will meet at Town Hall tonight – and for the first time, the in-person event will be streamed live online, thanks to a new $ 3,500 system.

Electronic Specialty, of Dunbar, has installed the streaming system, which will deliver both audio and video from the boardrooms.

“There aren’t many cities in West Virginia that we know of that have deployed this type of capability. “ said Mark Wood, AV manager for Electronic Specialty. “Elkins is a bit technologically advanced in going this route. “

Electronic Specialty, which updated the council chamber audio system in 2020, recommended a streaming system that “Uses a broadcast-grade, high-definition PTZOptics camera with 12x optical zoom to capture video. Digital audio is captured from the new bedroom sound card. An AV encoder broadcasts the resulting signal on the city’s social media pages ”, a press release from the town of Elkins states.

“We have streaming systems in place for many churches, county boards, courts and even the state legislature, and we are always evaluating new equipment.” said Bois. “The PTZOptics camera is an excellent balance between cost and quality for this type of setup. “

Virtual Elkins City Council meetings were streamed online during the COVID-19 pandemic, but “Technical issues encountered while using commercial conferencing services during the pandemic have highlighted the need for a better way to share board meetings with remote viewers,” states of liberation.

“We are always looking for ways to increase transparency and provide the public with as much information as possible about their city government,” said Elkins Clerk Jessica Sutton. “The strategic plan board adopted in 2018 included a goal of increasing audience engagement, and the Broadcasting Board meetings are a big step in that direction. “

The streaming meetings can be watched live and will also be archived on the city’s social media sites.

“The board makes decisions that affect thousands of people, including residents and business owners, and all of those people have a right to watch the process and understand how their representatives arrive at those decisions,” Sutton said. “By making it easy and convenient to view online meetings, the new streaming system really underscores our commitment to transparency and audience engagement. “

Initially, only municipal council meetings will be broadcast, “To allow city officials and staff to learn and test the system”, states of liberation. “In the fall, municipal staff will also assess the possibility of broadcasting committee meetings. “

Elkins City Council will meet this evening at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall.

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