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品名:HWA-K Series Pallet Type Glass Bottle Automatic Cleaning Machine

Price description: The price of this product is ex-factory price without tax, and the value-added tax rate is 17%

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[Technical Features]

During the machine cleaning and disinfection process, all the glass bottles are upside down placed in the cleaning basket, it has strong cleaning universality for glass bottles, and nice upper-lower spraying water control performance.

It is accurate calculated of the quantity of sprayer, layout, spraying angle, and spraying pressure to ensure no dead angle inside or outside when cleaning glass bottles.  

Each section of tunnel drying furnace is specialized designed to ensure the maximum drying efficiency, each section of furnace is equipped with a unique maintenance door to ensure the completeness of equipment maintenance. 

The equipment is standard modular design which can be replaced according to the layout of buyer’s workshop, the equipment has many layout modes (U-type, L-type, I-type ) optional. The layout of equipment is flexible, installation is convenient and maintenance is simple. The equipment is GMPC qualified. 

[Scope of application]

The equipment is mainly used for cleaning and disinfection of glass bottles in cosmetics, food, health products, pharmaceutical industrials. It has strong cleaning capacity and meets the needs of cleaning and disinfection of glass bottles with different types and many batches.  


HWA-K Series Pallet Type Glass Bottle Automatic Cleaning and Disinfection Machine 


Washing pressure




Water consumption

1.0-1.5 m3/h  

Layout mode

I-type, U-type, L-type


Drying temperature


Bottle diameter


Main power


Bottle height


Drying duration




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