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Early repayment of cash loan

May 26, 2015 Are you thinking about paying off your loan early? Read the contract first. There is a chance that the financial institution from which you borrowed money has placed a record in the document that allows you to collect a commission in the event of early repayment. If the bank does not include Read More

How much do you get for a car title loan?

Finance your new dream car with a car loan A car loan is an installment loan with which you can borrow up to 100,000 euros to finance the new or second-hand car of your dreams. For many people a car is a necessity, a way to get to work on time or to bring the Read More

Simulation home loan

The home loan or mortgage loan is the loan that you take out for the purchase of real estate. By this we mean houses, apartments and other construction projects. Because a home loan always involves collateral in the form of a building, the costs are lower than with a personal loan or a car loan. Read More

Cheap payday loans online – offer comparison!

Cheapest installment loans The cost of loans can be very different. Loans for the same amount and for the same period of time in some financial institutions can be cheaper by up to PLN 1,000. When comparing cheap loan offers, it is worth paying attention to the total cost, and not just the installment amount, Read More

PLN 1,500 for six installments in cash loan

Christmas is coming. Are you going to give yourself and your family a dream gift, but you lack PLN 1,500? We looked at the offers of three banks. Which was the most advantageous? OutBank the cheapest Only PLN 44.22 will cost us taking a cash loan for half a year at OutBank. This is an Read More

Lowest mortgage interest? – Current mortgage interest.

When you want to take out a mortgage, it goes without saying that you always want to opt for the lowest mortgage interest rate. A low mortgage interest rate ensures that the monthly amounts that you have to pay back remain feasible. The pressure on your financial situation remains limited in this way, so that Read More

1500 PLN for free in our bank!

MeLoan tempts with promotions There are more and more companies operating in the non-banking sector. As a result, customers are becoming more and more demanding towards lenders. Therefore, it is not surprising that financial institutions that want to count in the industry are outdoing themselves in numerous promotions and facilities. MeLoan comes out with an Read More

How many are the notarial fees on a mortgage loan?

    In the process of acquiring a property it is necessary to calculate the notarial fees in a mortgage loan. It is estimated that these are around 7% of the value of the property, depending on the type of credit and the nature of the property, however this can be known exactly after the Read More

Commission for granting a loan – what is it and how much is it?

July 16, 2019 The commission for granting the loan is the basic fee charged by the bank. It applies not only to cash loans – it also accompanies mortgage loans. What are the other types of commission and can I find a loan offer without a commission? Check if you don’t want to pay a Read More

Car financing

WHO IS INTENDED FOR A CAR FINANCING? Your loyal but old car is too expensive to maintain for longer. Your family needs a second or third car. Your car is irreparably damaged after an accident. Now that the sun is up again, you are in the mood for a convertible. With all that snow you Read More

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